The School of Energy is an amalgamation of Dandelion Therapies and Life Cycle Therapies.  We are both energy workers and love what we do, and hope that some of that enthusiasm and fascination with energy will be evident to our students.  The School of Energy combines the best of our skills to create new courses and workshops designed to not only impart our knowledge of energy techniques, but to push the boundaries of energy therapies presently available at this time.  We are aware that our collaboration combines two very different streams of energy represented by our individual eclectic experience and knowledge, bringing a stronger combined synergy to the courses and workshops that we will be able to offer our students in the coming months. We hope that you will join us at some point on this exciting journey.

About the School Of Energy


Natasha Joy Price
Tracey Robins

 Universe here we are

Ready to be a channel to your light


Blend energies of Magus, Wiccan, Soul Essence and divine Spirit

To assist us to ascend to a great height.


Move lower vibrations out of our way

Rising bright higher energies through night and day,


Until only the blend that sings with our Soul

Moves us to a place where we can be whole.



11th February 2019


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