Aiya Star Sounds 




Ultimately Aiya Star Sounds has been developed to connect the student with Aiya Star and become a channel of sound through your voice. This connection will take place over the three weekends, each weekend there will be an activation to Aiya Star. You can liken this activation to an attunement, a blending of energies, a harmonising of energies.

The weekends are held three months apart, allowing the student time to process the activation and assimilate the new energies. During this time there may be old patterns for the student to clear within themselves. I advise that the student take time to reflect on the old energies that are surfacing and give them time to release through meditation/quiet contemplation or seek support through other means. I offer one to one session’s in person or remotely and also have a list of therapists that I recommend to assist the student during this time.



Over the course we will be covering:

  • Sounding to connect to guides/angels/dragons

  • Chakra toning and sounding

  • Sounding to activate crystals in healing

  • Energy management and protection

  • The elements

  • Ley line and the earths chakras

  • Scared sites

  • Healing within – aligning aspects of our being, higher self, soul, inner child, ego

  • Healing within – physical self

  • Activating our inter-dimensional self

  • Soul group consciousness

  • The consciousness of humanity

  • The consciousness of Gaia

  • The inner goddess

  • Portals

  • The point of sound




To book onto the course please contact me via my website.