Course Finder

How to find the courses that are right for you.

Answer the questions set out below to help guide you through the courses on offer and what you want to achieve from working with us.


1. Do you want to be a witch? 

1      2      4

2. Do you want to be a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist?

1      2  and  3     5     9

3. Do you want to get more clarity on your Life Purpose?

1     2     8   

4. Do you want to be an expert Hypnotherapist? 

1     2  and   3     7     8

5. Do you want a better understanding on what life is about and why we are here?

1     3     8

6. Do you have a particular physical, emotional or spiritual issue that you want to work on?

1     3

7. Do you just want to feel happier and more contended in your own skin?

1     3

You should now have a good idea of which courses you should take to achieve your goal but should you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact either Natasha or Tracey further.


Courses recommended for and pre-requisite for some courses

1. The Art of Protection

2. Our Energy System

Courses for those whose experience with energy work could be classed as Beginners to intermediates

3. Freedom of the Soul - an extended Energy Management program

4. Wicca for beginners

5. Foundation Level Hypnotherapy

6. The School of Crystals

Courses for Advanced energy workers

7. Advanced Hypnotherapy

8. Soul Continuum Healing Levels 1 to 3

9. Past Life Regression Therapy Diploma

If you are in any doubt as to your level of proficiency then please do not hesitate to contact Tracey or Natasha for advice and assistance.