Freedom of the Soul


Energy Management Course

Do you want to feel unrestricted and free to be whom your Soul wants you to be?  

Do you want to find freedom in all aspects of your life? 

 Do you want to change and shape your life to what you want? 

 Do you want to feel more energized and proactive?






What is energy management?  When I talk about this course, often people look blankly at me, or think that I’m talking about gas and electricity suppliers!   Well I’m not.  I’m talking about our own energy fields that surrounds us like a bubble.

Every negative thought, belief and life experience held in our energy will start to clog up the flow of it.  If we allow this darker energy to sit there for any period of time our energy begins to stagnate, spike or even break.  When this occurs the restriction in our energy begins to translate into our physical level, and we develop symptoms in our body, mind or spirit.

For this reason it’s incredibly important for us to continually identify and remove those negative thoughts and beliefs.


  As we remove them our energy becomes clearer and clearer, and we are able to move through life without being affected by them. Every decision we make in life, every thought we have and every action we take is directly affected by what we hold in our energy.



Likewise, what we attract into our life is also directly affected by what we hold in our energy.  If all we have is negative thoughts, then we will attract negative situations to match that vibration.  If we want to increase our abundance, find the love of our life or just change our life in some way, we need to clear those negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions and therefore change our vibration and what we are attracting.



This course is designed to allow you to try out all sorts of techniques and ideas that help you to identify the negative thoughts, beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves, and to allow them to be released.  

I have been actively carrying out energy management techniques for the past 15 years, and although I have gone on to study all sorts of amazing healing modalities, I still find these tried and tested ideas an amazing stable structure onto which everything else can be built and developed.  I believe that the course is incredibly helpful for both those starting out on their spiritual path, as well as those who have been on their path for some time.  The course was initially designed to assist young people and teenagers who are already struggling with life, but I believe there is value for everyone.

 I firmly believe that in times of trauma we revert back to these well tried and trusted techniques and these have been my reference points and foundation throughout the last few years.






The course has been divided into sections which allow you the time and space to truly explore the information provided. Each section takes you a little deeper, and you may find that similar issues come up again and again.  A bit like a spiral you will be addressing them at a slightly deeper level or different perspective each time. 





There is no set time limit, or time period over which you need to complete this course and you can complete it alongside other energy courses.  In fact, if you are undertaking another course at the same time you will find all sorts of synchronicity crop up between the two.  We are all different and energy management is something that you should work on daily.  For me it has become a way of life and I don’t think I could now stop! I take a break occasionally for a couple of days, but I always come back to it. You are not in competition with anyone else so do not compare yourself to others.  Only you know what is coming up for you to clear and how quickly or slowly you need to set the pace.

INVESTMENT £35 per section

Once you have paid the first instalment you will be sent a mixture of notes, meditations and exercises to do.  This is a proactive course and I would strongly recommend that you journal throughout it.  Write down everything that comes to you, your emotions around a situation, how these emotions shift over time whilst doing the exercises, and what understanding and information that comes to you.  Journaling is a very therapeutic process but when mixed with meditations and the exercises provided it becomes even more powerful.

If you feel drawn to take the course, I truly hope that you enjoy it and find some great enlightening moments!

Please email me directly on 

with any questions and to receive the first instalment.




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