Natasha Joy Price

My spiritual path started 15 years ago when I went for my first Reiki treatment after the birth of my third child.  I had terrible swollen ankles and my mother suggested a Reiki treatment with a lady she knew.  I had a strange experience that day, which didn’t scare me, but instead fired up my curiosity and started me on a long path of discovery.  I wanted to understand where this energy came from, what it was made of and why I had experienced it the way I had.  For the past 15 years I have been following that path, gathering information and knowledge as I go, and that thirst for knowledge and understanding of energy therapies has never faltered.  I now call myself an Energy Therapist or Energy Health Practitioner,  as all the treatments I offer affect our energy fields in some positive way.  I have added many energy modalities to my list during that time including Reiki; Usui, Karuna, Lighterian and Reiki Drum (I also teach Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Masters),Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression Therapy, Future Life Progression and Between Lives Sessions.  Please check out my website – www.dandeliontherapies28@gmail.co.uk">www.dandeliontherapies28@gmail.co.uk  for further information and details about treatment sessions and packages.


The value of Energy Management has become very important and prominent in my life, and is something that I look at daily for myself and explain to all my clients.  I am particularly interested in providing this knowledge and information to young people, so many of whom suffer from an early age from anxiety, depression and low mood. I  want to help people who have not yet experienced the importance of energy work, and show them how it can positively affect their emotional, physical and spiritual aspects which reflects in their sense of well being.  It is so important to look at the health of our energy fields in order to maintain a centred and balanced energy system. In line with this I now have an online Energy Management Course available on my website called Freedom of the Soul, together with a proactive workbook of the same name.

"We are not finished spiritual beings, but are constantly developing and changing.  I do not believe that our development ever really stops until such time that we reach our Soul’s highest potential."