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Essential Oils

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

A natural approach to health, a gift from the earth.

Hello my name is Liz Cattermole & my business is called ‘The Little Izhara Retreat’ I’m a holistic Therapist & work from home in Great Notley, Braintree

My biggest passion within my work is my love for Essential Oils, after becoming an Aromatherapist I researched the oil industry & chose to work with doTERRA an American Company, they provide pure quality oils from all over the world & the research & science that goes into each bottle of oil is very thorough, it’s important to me that people are using high quality oils with no fillers or other substance to get the best benefits the oils can give & to help people enjoy good health

I use Essential Oils in my treatments but also advise clients on how supportive the oils can be in there every day life, there is an oil to treat nearly all medical issues which for me gives a natural approach to health, they’re a gift from the earth.

Lemon oil is so uplifting & when rubbed in the hands & inhaled you can instantly feel uplifted

Lavender is so beautifully calming, placing a few drops in a bath or on a pillow can encourage a restful nights sleep

Peppermint is a cooling oil so perfect for temperatures / hot flushes & a boost of energy

Blend all three oils together for supporting seasonal threats.

doTERRA Essential Oils can be used topically, diffused & internally, used properly they can change a mood, boost an immune system & ease pain

Up & Coming Workshops :-

The Calm Workshop – Thursday 28thMarch – 7.30pm till 9pm

Crystal & Oil Workshop – Tuesday 7thMay – 7pm till 9pm

Please see the Facebook page for details or contact me

For up & coming Workshops please see my Facebook page –

The Little Izhara Retreat

For further information or bookings please contact Liz on

07808836755 or at

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