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Where in the world do you need to go?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

If you closed your eyes and allowed your mind to wander, where in the world would your intuition or heart want you to go?  What part of the world is calling you?  Why is that country, area or place attracting you, and why do you love some places but just can’t wait to leave others? For example, as soon as I landed in India I felt so comfortable and at home, even though the sights and sounds were so different for me. Yet other places on my travels have left me very tired and feeling quite anxious which is not my usual way.  One reason why we are drawn to visit certain countries or places in the world is the frequency that is present there.  Everything in the Universe relates to energy, vibration and frequency including us.  Every one of us has our own unique vibration which we give out into the world and which attracts people, situations and places to us.  Like attracts like, so what we give out by way of our vibration is what is mirrored back to us.  If you have a particularly difficult situation in your life, or a person that is conflicting with you, just think about this mirror analogy.  Where in your life are you perhaps digging in your heels, or being difficult with someone?  Your life is a mirror of the energy frequencies that you are giving out and which collectively create your overall vibration. The more that you change and upgrade your energy, the more that your life will shift attracting different elements to you.  I always see our energy field in my minds eye like a huge bubble, so big that we can step into it and be completely enveloped.  Our energy is like a blueprint for who we are, who we have been and who we can become.  Within it lies every thought, emotion, experience, perception and life event including those that have been traumatic and negative.  When you see how much information is contained within your energy, you realise why our vibrations are so unique to each of us.  Of course, as previously stated we can change that vibration by releasing negative thoughts, emotions and perceptions and we can shift the range of frequencies that we hold.  When we talk about energetically clearing our energy this is exactly what we are trying to do.  As we do so we allow the lower vibrations to drop away so that our overall range of frequencies shift.  There are lots of ways that we can shift our energy frequencies such as by having energy healing sessions, experiencing sound therapy or by using essential oils, crystals and symbols. These last three are termed as vibrational medicine because they are also vibrating, and when you put a crystal, oil or symbol that is vibrating into our energy field that is also vibrating, then the two try and find a common rhythm in a process called entrainment.  Of course, what we think our energy needs is not always the case, but often enough our own intuition kicks in and we are drawn to the crystal, essential oil or symbol that is just right for us at that time.  We may not really understand why we are drawn to use a certain element, but our energy or intuition requires the frequency or frequencies that it is giving out.  The same is also true of different areas of the world.  All countries have their very own vibration which is dictated not so much by the surface activity or politics of that region, but by the underlying vibration of the earth.  When we are called to visit somewhere, whether it be a local beauty spot, the sea or a distant country, it is because we are being drawn to the frequency or frequencies that are being omitted there.  The frequencies unique to that area trigger our energy in a different way.  When we incorporate these different frequencies into our energy fields we find that the frequencies we already hold can merge and fuse with the new frequencies, creating a completely new combination. It may be that two, three or more frequencies fuse together. This results in our energy expanding allowing us to gain perceptions and awareness that we may not have gained otherwise.  Of course, there are many sites and places around the world that are referred to as high energy sites, such as the Pyramids or Machu Picchu for that very reason and why so many people are drawn to them. They are drawn to experience the high frequencies which are present and which they intuitively know will cause their own energies to shift.  Places such as Glastonbury and Avebury in the South West of England are known for their energies and the affect that being there has on your energy field, however that may manifest. I once spent a weekend with a friend in Glastonbury, seen as the Heart Chakra of the world, which saw us react very differently to the energies present. I felt awake and energised to the extent that I literally ran up the Tor!! Unfortunately, my friend could not sleep, felt exhausted and was physically ill. Both reactions were the effects of the energy frequencies combining and causing our own energies to shift and expand.  This in turn can cause physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing and for our energy to reboot if you like.  Ultimately, the end results for all of us is an expansion and development of our energy field overall, pushing us along your individual path. So, if you are called to go somewhere, whether that be local or far away, try and find the opportunity to do so. Your experience of that country or place may be more than you realised on many levels.


Natasha Joy Price is an Energy Therapist and Guide. She has 21 years experience as a Property Lawyer in the Corporate world, alongside 16 years studying Energy, which has given her a unique perspective on life and on the individual sessions that she offers. Natasha has created her own healing modality Soul Continuum Healing, and her first book Freedom of the Soul is available on Amazon. She can be contacted via email dandeliontherapies28@gmail.comand her websites;

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