The Art Of Protection

I decided to include this as a one day workshop or alternatively on a one to one basis by Skype, as Protection of our energy fields is one of the most important elements to be aware of when you are involved in any sort of Energy work.  I would recommend this workshop be undertaken before other modules and courses that we offer on our websites.  For some of our courses this is a pre-requisite.

I am often surprised when I meet other energy workers and therapists who have no regular protection regime in place.

It is so important to ensure that if you are regularly working with energy either with clients or on your own energy on a regular basis, that you ensure that you have a daily structured regime in place to clear and protect your energy.

As we work on ourselves energetically, and as we remove the lower frequencies of energy from our aura in the form of negative emotions, beliefs and thoughts, then our overall frequency is raised.

When that happens we may inadvertently attract and pick up negative energy from others in many different forms.  These lower energy forms can become attached to us and can affect the way that we feel physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This workshop takes you through the elements set out below, detailing why protection is so important, and provides information and ideas as to ways to establish protection, and to update and improve your protection at regular intervals.  It is so important to keep reinforcing your present protection regime, and to upgrade the protection that you have as your energy work evolves and becomes more established.

The workshop is suitable for therapists as well as individuals who require additional assistance in clearing and protecting their energy.


What we will cover during the course of the day;


  1. How our energy field/aura works.  

  2. Why do we need protection?  What happens when our protection is low?

  3. The use of the pendulum.

  4. The different forms of energy that can become attached to us.

  5. How to reinforce our energy fields on a regular basis.

  6. How to clear our energy fields.

  7. A Soul Retrieval exercise.

  8. Ideas on how to update your energy protection.

  9. A protection spell to use and adapt.

  10. Use of a protection symbol.

  11. Use of Goddess and angel energy.




Regular one day workshops in Braintree, Essex.  Please contact Natasha for the next date available.



 £100 for the workshop and £150 for a one to one session by Skype.