I love visualisations!! I use them all the time and the amount of information and knowledge that comes to me, has increased the more I use them.  In fact, the way that I am able to visualise has changed dramatically over time and continues to do so the more energy work that I do.

The visualisations that I have on my page to buy, are scenes that I have ‘seen’ within an energy healing session.  As a Past Life Regression Therapist I have had many sessions myself and love the information and insight that you can gain.  The Healing Light Meditation came from such a session and the imagery has stayed with me very clearly since.

I have used this visualisation in the sessions and workshops that I do, and within my Soul Continuum Healing course receiving positive feedback from my clients as to

the clarity that can be gained.

The Healing Light Visualisation is free so that you can experience the power of visualisations.  If you want to purchase any of the other visualisations referred to then please email me and together with the visualisation you have chosen I will send you suggestions on how to use visualisations in your daily energy practise.

I hope you will try The Healing Light Visualisation and find it of assistance as to the next step along your healing path.  Remember to set your intention clearly, and to allow your mind to be open to the wisdom that will flow to you.




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